What I do here.

I’m Zak.  I’m from Eastern Pennsylvania.  I love music.  Simply put, like most music blogs, I’m going to try to get you to understand the love I have for music through my opinions.  Hopefully doing so while being as entertaining and knowledgeable as possible.

Here at Ground Control to Major Tom, Dick, and Harry the focus will be on the independent scene and it’s sub-genres.  I feel that the indie scene is putting out the most creative and talented artists in music today.  These artists are free to record the music they want.  They are unmolested by the big labels who can sometimes force their hand on bands to put together what the public “wants to hear”.  Otherwise known as what makes more money.

It’s sort of like taking the filter out of the creative part of a musician’s mind.  That’s why I feel that some of the best music comes out of the indie scene.  Where else can you hear a woodwind cover of The Door’s Riders on the Storm (Zen for Primates’ – Albatross), or an asian string arrangement to end an album full of psychedelic tunes akin to 70’s Genesis and The Kinks (MGMT’s – Congratulations)?  I submit that you will find them nowhere else.  IF you think that kind of thing sounds interesting, please read my blog and I’ll tell you all about them.


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  1. you rock paper scissors shoot.

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