New Animal Collective? Not so fast, you gotta buy ugly shoes first.

It would seem the popular thing to do as a band is design hideous sneakers.  Recently, Animal Collective did just that.  More importantly, the lucky shoe recipients who pre-ordered these fashionable “kicks” as the kids are calling them, received a cassette tape containing four new songs, one from each member of the band.

Geologist’s “Jailhouse” is a short, drony piece that,quite honestly, puts me to sleep a bit.  Therefore, that’s about all I have to say about that.

Avey Tare’s “Call Home (Buy Grapes) is lined with great background vocal arrangements glued together with an acoustic guitar riff that feels a lot like something off of AC’s Sun Tongs.

Deakin’s “Country Report”, my personal favorite on the tape, is beautifully haunting.  The fast paced piano keeps time while those ghostly vocals we know and love so much fill your head and make you smile.

Panda Bear’s “The Preakness” named after an equestrian event in the band’s hometown of Baltimore, is on par with anything you might hear off of his upcoming release Tomboy.  Dancing synthesizers are the backdrop for this playful tune that kind of makes you want to go party at a horse race… I guess.

Anyway, hear it Via Stereogum with the link below.  Hopefully they’ll release a digital version in the future, but don’t hold your breath.

via Stream Animal Collective Keep Mixtape – Stereogum.

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2 Responses to New Animal Collective? Not so fast, you gotta buy ugly shoes first.

  1. Jeff says:

    They’re not all that ugly and… Oh wait… yes they are. They’re just terrible. As for the cassette format, I find it funny that at the moment I can play vinyl much more easily at home than I can tapes.

    • ztb101 says:

      I wouldn’t wear them if you paid me. It would seem that cassette tapes are a dead media entirely. Any audio in tape form, be it cassette or 8 track is just so shitty it doesn’t stand a chance.

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