Somebody found Bowie’s Toy

Very recently somebody ended up selling a David Bowie album entitled Toy on eBay.  The thing is… it had never been officially released.

Bowie’s camp says he is “livid” about the leak.  Though everyone who I have talked to that actually heard it says it is pretty amazing stuff.  I have yet to hear it, much to my chagrin.  I’m sure it will sneak its way into my ears eventually.  I’m not a BitTorrent kind of guy, as a matter of fact I know very little about what BitTorrent even is, but if you were a BitTorrent kind of guy who happens to like David Bowie’s music, know that it is out there on BitTorrent.  But you didn’t hear it here first. (Chances are you actually didn’t hear it here first anyway, as I have mentioned, I’m a few days late on this one.)

Toy was set to be released in mid 2001.  It is said that business issues kept this music from actually hitting the airwaves.  It’s a shame that record label disputes force this kind of thing to happen, but so it goes.

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