Ratatat Live @ The Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA 10/6/2010

Ratatat performed last night at The Electric Factory, one of my personal favorite venues.  It was a great night to be in Philadelphia, the very same night Roy Halladay pitched a no hitter to the Cincinnati Reds in game 1 of the NLDS.  They had two opening acts, which I never see as necessary.  It always takes forever to set up and tear down each bands equipment.  And it’s always a bit of a mess.

The first opener was Los Angeles’ Bobby Birdman who proved to be exceptionally so-so.  His music was a little bit too electro pop for me and didn’t really impress on any level.  He kept introducing his next song as being about surfing when none of them really had anything to do with surfing whatsoever which made me chuckle a little bit, but that’s all i really got out of him.

The second opener was Massachusetts’ DOM.  These guys were a little better than Birdman, but not much.  Their live show was half decent but I couldn’t imagine buying an album of theirs.  The lead singer’s voice was of an annoyingly high pitch and their three guitar lineup was a little bit cumbersome.  It was two hours after curtain when Ratatat finally took the stage.

The long wait was completely, unconditionally worth it.  It was full on adrenaline from that point forward.  I was worried going in that the heavy use of prerecorded audio would take away from the entertainment factor of the show.  All of my worries were swept away in an instant by the entertaining backdrops and stage lights.  The stage design was incredible.  It was hands down the best imagery I’ve ever seen in concert.

The music was only enhanced by the stage show.  On each side of the band there were something like 14×5 panes of plexiglass onto which they projected images which interacted in time with the music.  For instance, two men in colonial garb including powdered wigs were projected onto each screen playing a cello and violin to the music.  They opened with my favorite song “Bob Ghandi” and closed with another one of my favorite tunes off of their latest album “Bare Feast”.  It was a great setlist which seemed to please the audience.  The music itself was almost perfectly mixed and was perfectly loud.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show with as much energy.  People were crowd surfing, some successfully, others not so much.  It was a genuine good time.  Thank you Ratatat and Roy Halladay for rocking the pants off of Philly last night.

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