Under the Radar – White Denim

My Under the Radar series will try to point your attention to bands you may not have heard of.  Bands that deserve to be heard of.  Bands that need love just as much as the popular kids.  In this, my very first Under the Radar post, I will spotlight Austin, TX’s White Denim, not to be confused with the oh so trendy fashion statement White Denim.

The band is made up of James Petralli(guitar, vocals), Joshua Block(drums), and Steve Terebecki(bass, vocals).  White Denim formed as the trio that stands today in February of 2006.  They have released three official LPs, 2008’s european release, Workout Holiday, 2008’s US release, Exposion, and 2009’s Fits.  Workout Holiday is more of a combination of two earlier released EPs but serves as an LP nonetheless.  With the release of their 3rd LP Fits, the band included Exposion as a bonus disc, so it’s a good place to start.


White Denim’s style is derived from all sorts of genres including garage rock, post-punk, soul, blues and experimental rock.  Their catalogue is varied almost song to song, from the soul inspired “Regina Holding Hands” to the trip-hop coated “Don’t Look That Way At It”.  Wacky time signatures, clever looping techniques and intense vocals that’ll make you wanna slap yer mammy Devo style set them aside as a unique trio not to be ignored.

Highlights include “IEIEI”, “Sitting”, and “Syncn” as well as the Talking Heads reminiscent, “Let’s Talk About It”.  I have a feeling these guys won’t be under the radar for too long.  They’re getting more and more buzz every day.  Their 4th LP is set to release late 2010/early 2011 entitled “Last Day of Summer” as far as I can tell… these things are always subject to change.  But seriously, check these guys out, there’s a lot to like and not a whole lot to lose given the aforementioned twofer deal you get with Fits.

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One Response to Under the Radar – White Denim

  1. These guys sound pretty bad-ass. I’ll definitely have to check them out sometime. Keep ’em coming, man!

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