Interpol – Review

Interpol – Self-Titled Review


Interpol’s 4th LP was released on September 7th, 2010 on Matador Records.  The album is eponymous, which is an uncommon choice for a mid-career album.  Then again, Genesis did it 12 albums deep, so why not?  Regardless of the title, Interpol really hasn’t missed a step.  The music on this disc is haunting and darkly comical as usual.  As Interpol goes, these songs are pretty much par for the course.  I do mean par for the course in the most positive of connotations.

Lead singer Paul Banks’ vocals are what I like to call a power whisper.  He has an almost creepy quality  His voice compliments the subtle and not so subtle guitars and cymbal-heavy percussion in the same mesmerizing way they have on albums past.  Interpol’s signature lengthy repetitive choruses are the best they’ve ever been.  It may seem strange to call something lengthy and repetitive and mean that in a good way, but in Interpol’s case these choruses grab you by the throat and hang on until you find yourself diggin’ em.  Carlos Dengler a.k.a. Carlos D’s bass guitar is a little bit under the radar this time around.  This may be due to the fact that this is his last disc with Interpol.  Carlos has, since writing and recording the album, left the band and has not joined them on the subsequent tour.

If I have anything negative to say about this album at all, I would go back to that whole par for the course thing I was talking about earlier.  I wish there were a little bit of growth to report.  Sure I have no complaints about these songs as they stand, but I would like to see a different direction, even a little bit different, in the future.  I don’t mean to sound like these jokers who called Ratatat’s latest album no good because they sounded too much like Ratatat.  I just feel like the four Interpol albums sort of meld together.  I can’t make it clear enough that this doesn’t reflect the quality of the album itself, it’s pretty fantastic.

In short, the album is great, especially if you like Interpol.  So if you like Interpol and you don’t already have this disc in your grasp, please do yourself a favor and listen up.

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