The Pixies, Live at the Tower Theater 9/7/2010

My friend and I went to see The Pixies last Tuesday.  They played at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby, PA just outside of Philly.  The show was all but sold out and the energy was high.  To anyone unfamiliar with The Pixies, I would like to urge you to check em out.  They were a tour de force in the late ’80s and early ’90s.  Part surfer rock, part new wave punk, 100% kick-ass.  Unfortunately they only lasted a few years and put out only 4 LPs, each of them their own distinct animal.  For someone who’s never heard them before they’re definitely worth a listen.

When the band took stage I was surprised, instead of belting out Cecilia Ann or Velouria, they opened with a small set of B-sides like “Dance the Manta Ray” and… “Manta Ray”.  Yes, these are indeed two very different songs.  Black Francis and friends continued by playing through 1989’s Doolittle in its entirety as part of the Doolittle 20th anniversary tour. When that was through they played another small set of hits and B-sides alike.  It was friggin’ awesome!

They sounded like they were on top of their game.  There was no obvious, or even not so obvious, tension between band members or anything like that.  They sounded tight.  Black Francis’ vocals ripped through the air tearing at the audience’s ear-drums.  Joey Santiago’s guitar was crisp and clean as ever.  Kim Deal was, of course, the only one talking between songs.  It made me wish that they had kept recording material since they called it quits in the early 90’s.  I can’t imagine what they could have come up with in that time.  Yeah well, maybe we can look forward to new material in the future.  Here’s to hope!

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One Response to The Pixies, Live at the Tower Theater 9/7/2010

  1. By and large one of the best shows I’ve ever been to, and I’ve seen Def Leppard twice! Thanks again for thinking of me bro.

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