Arcade Fire – The Suburbs – Review

TheArcade Fire – The Suburbs Review


The Arcade Fire’s latest release has been a long time coming, but I must say, it was well worth the wait.  I realize that sounds cliché.  I don’t care.  This is pretty damn good.

Win Butler and friends don’t disappoint here.  From the start of the disc with the jangling pianos on the title track, which almost calls to mind some saloon out west at the turn of the century (the turn before last anyway) plus a generous helping of teen angst and familial discontent. and ending with Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) which has that very popular, as of late, 80’s throwback sound… matching the teen angst level perfectly, The Suburbs kept my attention without fail from the first listen.

Lyrical content is great too.  It certainly synchs up to the album’s title perfectly.  Being from the Suburbs myself, I can relate to a lot of what they are saying.  The album deals with families falling apart and people’s struggles with their identities.  It recalls memories of childhoods and the regrets that result and much more.  It hits home a little.  That’s a rare quality.

Highlights include the haunting and slightly creepy Rococo, Half Light II (No Celebration) which is reminiscent of Bowie’s “Heroes”, and Ready to Start, which oddly enough isn’t the first track.  Oh yeah, also Suburban War… there are a lot of highlights here.  Which is probably why I gave it a T minus 1 second (with We Have Take Off! being the best and T minus 10 seconds being the worst).  Check out the ratings page at the top of the blog if you are at all confused.

The Arcade Fire has a way of layering their sound which allows for many playbacks with many different listening experiences.  I love it when bands do this.  I’ve heard new riffs and harmonies every time I put this disc in my ear holes.  I suppose it helps to have seven studio members and a regular slew of instruments including the mellotron and the harpsichord.  For this reason alone, The Suburbs is worth the cash.

That reminds me.  As this is my first review/post, you don’t know me yet.  Please, please buy your music.  I don’t care if you download it or buy it from a hobo on the street (as long as he can prove that he bought it).  These good people take the time to write this stuff.  They deserve to be paid for it.   God forbid they get mad and stop sharing it with us.  That’s all i have to say about that.

Please, start by buying The Suburbs.  You will not be disappointed.  If you are disappointed, you’re probably reading the wrong blog.

If you like The Suburbs you might as well check out The Arcade Fire’s spectacular debut full length LP, Funeral, and their sophomore effort Neon Bible.

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